We bring great audiences together, mixing Blockchain, Domain Names and Gaming experts with business leaders and decision makers to see what happens when they collide. We are helping companies boost their visibility, connect with key players and raise their awareness of cryptocurrency, Domain Names and Online Gaming offering an opportunity to create new business relationships in relaxed setting.

The key benefits are:

  • Learn from the world’s top-most blockchain and cryptocurrency experts
  • Broaden the view on the subject and adaptability in the digital era
  • To learn approaches for better investment in Bitcoins and stand out from the rest.
  • Networking platform with top level personals of the corporate world.
  • Will we still be carrying cash in three years’ time? The founders and CEOs of the world’s most innovative fintech startups will join decision makers from major traditional banks to explore the future of buying and selling.
  • A dedicated track hitting all the most important questions in 21st century banking. Learn how people and businesses will interact with their local branch in ten years’ time.
  • Explore blockchain use cases, implementation, roadblocks and much more
  • Experience Successful project stories.

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