Most conferences suck, because you’re forced to sit in a large hall with thousands of others listening to some guru on a stage far away. But THE GAMBIT BITCOIN CONFERENCE will offer a safe space for learning, sharing and collaborating. You’ll enjoy the open, personal and positive vibe, and being part of a tribe of 249+ corporate innovators looking for solutions to their challenges, just like you.

This conference is international

You’ll become part of a truly global community, before, during and after the event.  Delegates across the globe will come from virtually all industries, all doing entrepreneurship in different ways, yet all committed to leading the way in their organizations. The diversity in the room will make for countless new insights, perspectives and outcomes.

This conference is immersive

We won’t lock you up in a hotel ballroom without windows- you’ll feel better in non-obvious venues and whilst you’re out exploring the local innovation ecosystem. Throughout the day you’ll join several powerful and practical sessions, working on real issues- not just playing with theory. More than a conference, this is a deep dive training offering you new insights, skills and mindsets.

The Gambit Bitcoins conference will dive deep to showcase the best insights from the Bitcoins sector. The conference will acquaint us about the challenges and opportunities facing Bitcoins market and many more in this must attend event.

Together we can make India and the World a global destination for digital currency. Let’s make this country a top destination for digital currency, Marketing, event production, public relations, audio, video, graphic design and web site building.

On November 28th we will together open the undiscovered window of our room, breaking away from all the shackles we have had so far. Let us all have a beginner’s corner, a corner to learn how to accept Bitcoin in our business, a corner for miners, a corner for traders, etc.

Join us for beer, good conversation and worthy presentations. Come one, come all. It’s sure to be a night to remember.  And whether you’re an investor, entrepreneur, dreamer or tech enthusiast, we want to see you at the event so we can grab a drink and hear your thoughts.

See you there!

If your interest is not listed, just let us know.

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